Monday, March 16, 2015

Soaring on a Challenging Journey

As we moved through another year, I find myself reflecting on a past writing entitled "Words of Faith". The past several years have truly been challenging and life-changing. As I faced each life challenge, I was (and still is) strengthened and comforted by God's Word because the words of faith to me are like the sweet nectar to a butterfly.
Legacy Butterfly V (c) 2012 Sally Cherry
Legacy Butterfly VI (c) 2012 Sally Cherry

Words of Faith
As nectar nourishes...

 a butterfly,
The words of faith...
 nourish me.
So, I feed on...

God's Word
For it strengthens me.
Verse © 1999 Sally Cherry
   Each challenge has been an essential step toward a deeper and stronger faith. As I move forward, I wrap myself in God's love, pray for His grace, seek His mercy and cling to His Word. The blessing of God's presence inspires me to reflect and share through my blog, photos, and verses better known as "My Butterfly Story". The butterfly which symbolizes "metamorphosis" (or "a marked change") serves as a personal reminder of my ongoing journey. When I reflect on the amazing story of the monarch butterfly, I am in awe of its journey as depicted in the 2014 documentary based on the critically acclaimed book, "Four Wings and a Prayer: Caught in the Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly" by Sue Halpern. It follows the migration of the Monarch butterfly from its Canadian birthplace to its wintering spot in the rainforests of Mexico. As I reflect on this "great mystery", I prayerfully feed on God's Word and soar forward on my journey.

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